Product Recommendation: Body Butters

Do you have dry skin? Get visible lines if you run you nails down your hands and legs? Does your skin seem pinched and painful? Well what you’ve been missing this whole time are body butters.

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And what are body butters you ask? Well, imagine a nice, thick spread that your skin soaks up that makes it feel supple and hydrated.

Body butters are oilier because they are made from shea butter and other essential oils and are largely for the really dry and chapped skin.

Today we will be reviewing two different brands of body butters that I’ve been using for many years and have introduced my child to as well- The Bodyshop Body Butters and Himalaya’s Rich Cocoa Butter.

Let’s start with Himalaya since it has only one variety but it’s a fantastic product for people with chronic cases of dry skin. This product smells lovely but isn’t too strong either. The mild smell of cocoa and the nice, thick cream is easy to smooth over skin and it gets absorbed fairly quickly but retains a sheen on top, preserving moisture and preventing the skin from drying out too quickly.

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It is absolutely safe for kids and at prices ranging from Rs.216 to Rs.270 for 200 gms it is good value for money and last a fairly long time. It is available on the Himalaya website, Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa along with most medical stores and neighbourhood grocery shops.

If a herbal brand gives you more comfort when choosing skin care products, then this would be a good choice for you.

Coming to the second brand- The Bodyshop. Here, the choices are many and in a way Himalaya becomes a bit sidelined because it has only one offering in this segment. The Bodyshop range is like being in a fruit orchard and you’re spoiled for choice about which fruit’s aroma you want to wear on which day. Check them out here.

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They have the following choices:

  1. Wild Argan Oil
  2. Satsuma
  3. Strawberry
  4. Moringa
  5. Shea
  6. Vitamin E
  7. British Rose
  8. Olive
  9. Fuji Green Tea
  10. Almond Honey&Milk
  11. Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss.

Where Himalaya scores over The Bodyshop is over pricing. Retailing from Rs.1195 to Rs.1295 on their website, these body butters do not come cheap but they make your skin feel light, supple and smelling well…fruity!

They are less oily than the Himalaya body butter but despite that, still end up protecting the skin and keep it moist and get rid of chapping quite quickly.

There are no differences in pricing when sourced from Amazon, Nykaa or Flipkart but if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you will end up receiving the products faster than what you would via the Bodyshop website. Also compared to the simple packing and style of the Himalaya product, the Bodyshop range is a good item to gift and scores higher on aesthetics as well.

What is your body butter of choice? Try out both and let us know.

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