Guest Review: Bosch Dishwasher

The lockdown has likely done more to drive up sales of robo vacumn cleaners (read our Roomba review here) and dishwashers than their brands’ original ads campaigns have. It’s truly an example of a silver lining if one’s inclined to see things that way. The spotlight today is on the dishwasher, a product that’s gradually becoming an essential commodity in many Indian homes. Marketed by … Continue reading Guest Review: Bosch Dishwasher

Product Review: Electric Tandoor

I came across this product at a friend’s house and the range of items that could be made with it seemed vast and it was easy to move around as well. The Berg electric tandoor (B-3) was one of my impulse buys and it isn’t something I have had a chance to think about too favourably for a few reasons. With prices ranging from Rs.2890 … Continue reading Product Review: Electric Tandoor

Product Review: Shopo’s Easy Feet Slipper

As a shopaholic, I look for good deals and Value For Money (VFM) as an underlying feature for things I buy but the most important factor has to be utility else the whole endeavor falls flat. My mother is someone who has had to deal with extremely dry and rough skin on her feet, soles especially, throughout her life and as she grew older, managing … Continue reading Product Review: Shopo’s Easy Feet Slipper

Product Comparison: Fitbit Inspire Vs. Blaze

I’ve been using a Fitbit since 2017 and I find it a fun gadget that’s very easy to use and if you happen to be athletically inclined or into physical fitness, it’s your go-to buddy! My first Fitbit was the Blaze and while it’s not too sleek and not very aesthetic, the features it has totally won me over! With notifications ranging from calls and … Continue reading Product Comparison: Fitbit Inspire Vs. Blaze

Product Comparison: Aloe Vera Gel

The product I’ll be reviewing today has a multitude of uses. Right in its most natural form, broken from the plant and applied onto the skin, to more slickly packaged avatars, the humble aloe vera gel has seen a resurgence from the days it was used by housewives and grandmoms as a home remedy to becoming a content of an urban handbag. And why wouldn’t … Continue reading Product Comparison: Aloe Vera Gel

Product Comparison: Kajal

I have a rather shaky hand at times when it comes to my fine motor movements. That almost always comes out where any kind of liner pencils come into play. I seldom bother with make-up due to an overly temperamental and sensitive skin but an eyeliner is usually my accessory of choice. Thankfully for me then, our Indian markets are overflowing with local and big … Continue reading Product Comparison: Kajal

Guest Review: Room Spray

When we step into a room, the way it looks and especially how it smells does a lot to impact us. A fresh, light smell puts us in a good mood and heavy, strong smells usually help clear a room fairly quickly. We don’t always think about it but our homes are a reflection of us, our thoughts and definitely our moods. Our guest reviewer … Continue reading Guest Review: Room Spray

Product Recommendation: Menstrual Cup

I honestly believe that this is a revolutionary product which will change the way women look at their cycles. With prime importance given to the physical comfort, the benefits of this product are far reaching and spill over many spheres of our lives. Let’s start with a brand that I’ve been using for the past 6 months with the learning curve being very sharp and … Continue reading Product Recommendation: Menstrual Cup

Guest Review: BB Cream

Although I’ve used a BB cream from time to time, I didn’t totally know what it was meant for. According to, ” BB cream is short for ‘blemish balm’ cream. It’s a versatile combination of products such as moisturizer, primer, SPF, foundation, skin treatment, and concealer. “ Our Review&Reco segment today features Baishali- She recommends the Laura Mercier BB cream for her day to day use. This … Continue reading Guest Review: BB Cream