Product Review: Sneakers

I am not a very physically fit person. But I am moderately active. I have to be. I like to be. I also have semi-flat feet and get pain in my arches whenever I tried to do anything a bit more strenuous like jumping, running or spending any time in the gym.

A trainer I came in contact with asked me to check out Asics since they had well-contoured gel-based sneakers for people like me who needed the extra support. And it was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever got in my life!

I’ll be reviewing the Gel Kayano range from Asics and maybe you’ll find the benefits that I did.

Here are a couple of things I like about this shoe:

  • It had my size! I usually have to shop in kiddy sizes.
  • There’s a nice curve to the top of the sneaker rather than a tapering design. This lets your toes get enough room and doesn’t end up squishing them from the sides or the top.
  • The heels are well-cushioned and can absorb a good amount of weight aka me jumping.
  • They breathe extremely well.
  • There are plenty of grooves in the bottom for a good grips but not too deep a groove that you’re always getting gravel stuck between in.

I have also worn my sneakers when standing for long durations and doing dishes because of the support it provides to the overall foot and not just the heel and arches.

Coming to the cost and possibly the only drawback that I can think of. This particular range ranges between Rs.12,99913,999; fairly expensive for a pair of sneakers. However, if you are an adult and are likely to be on your feet outside the house, want to get a bit of physically activity and also want a pair of sturdy shoes that are totally comfortable- this is the way to go!

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for growing children because they would outgrow it pretty quickly and it’s a sizeable amount to pay for footwear. However, our feet are what literally hold us up, so investing on a good pair of shoes that you can walk, run, jump and just be comfortable in needs to be a priority.

This range is avaible on the Asics India website currently with very attractive discounts. Click here for more details.

It’s also available on Amazon India (click here to buy), Flipkart (click here to buy), Ajio (click here to buy), Myntra (click here to buy).

What are you going to gift your feet today? Try out Asics, it may be the solution you’ve been looking for all along!

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