Brand Recommendation: Corningware

This is a brand I have deep ties with. My family and I have been exclusively using Corelle/Corningware for more than 30 years and it is not only aesthetic but tremendous value for money. Today I’ll be reviewing Corningware and the different brands it has.

Over the years so many home seem to have integrated some or the other items from Corningware and more specifically its brand- Corelle. Being microwave and oven-safe (to a large degree) are just some of the facets that make this brand so easy to use.

It is also quite sturdy and doesn’t break too easily like many other glassware brands where a slight topple often leads to cracks or complete shattering.

The designs are varied and pleasing, catering to different tastes. They are easy to store since the daily use items aren’t too bulky. They do however, have a good variety of sizes available depending upon the portions being prepared and stored.

Some of the major benefits of glass are that the product is reusable, it doesn’t stain to easily (especially with the kind of curries made using turmeric etc) and there is rarely a smell that lingers on the surface. The only drawback is the condensation that dots the surface or body of the utensil, making it slippery at times; but that’s easy to rectify as well.

For those who are cooking enthusiasts and like cooking either in bulk or cooking using different modes, the Corningware brands of Vision, Pyrex help in cooking on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill and help in storing the food and serving it as well.

These products retail online and in the stores both. Check out their online store here. Prices vary for different brands of Corningware with Corelle being a bit more affordable and Vision and Pyrex being slightly more high-end. Be as that may, for a product that lasts upwards of 3 decades, it’s a price that may be well worth paying!

From newlyweds people starting out in life, to newbie cooks or just someone who likes to eat, Corningware is your constant companion in cooking, storing and serving! Get your lifetime companion today!

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