About Me

My shopping journey took a turn when I learnt I was going to have a baby. As with all moms, I wanted the best of everything and it had to be safe, secure and trustworthy as well. But the biggest shift for me was to move from the physical stores to online shopping.

Over time I’ve realized that a lot of the things we buy, we do because it looks good or is convenient but isn’t necessarily the best thing out there. I’ll be reviewing products people but primarily women (busy by nature, moms, non-moms and definitely the ones who slog in and outside the home and most importantly- they BUY STUFF) tend to gravitate towards. The reviews will also include inputs and recommendations made by friends and family of their experience in sourcing and using specific products.

This blog is an endeavor in making things a bit easier because there are hundreds of brand names crowding the shelves- virtual and otherwise.

And yes…all views held in the blog are my own and are not a function of any paid endorsements on behalf of any brands or stores.

So here’s to keeping it real! With real reviews, by real people and all real experiences; curated just for you!

Let’s get shopping!