Guest Review: Concealer Palette

Wanting to look one’s best isn’t restricted to working professionals or even people going out to interact socially. When we look into the mirror and see a face with blemishes, spots and basically skin that looks less than healthy, it can impact our mood, frame of mind and also self-image. Having a quick fix for making the dark circles and spots vanish while the skin heals; goes a long way in adding a much-needed boost not only to our days but ourselves.

Our first guest reviewer of 2021 gives us a look into her experience with a corrector palette which is easy on the pockets and easier on the face! But before we get to her review, let’s quickly find out what the main difference is between a concealer and a corrector so you can decide which one is best for you.

Say hello to Gautami, young entrepreneur. An artistic temperament coupled with business sense and tech skills aren’t the only things that define this smart lady. She’s a loving mom and into making her own personal care products from natural ingredients. Being client-facing in her line of work necessitates looking fresh, professional and her best.

Gautami recommends the Insight Color Corrector Concealer Palette-Corrector. After getting to know from a professional make-up artist how different colors (not just brown and tan) help get an even tone for the skin, she invested in this product and found it to be just right for her.

Let’s see what she has to say about it- ” I tried the Mac concealer palette for my dark under eyes and dull pigmented areas on my face, it seamlessly evened out my skin tone and lit up my face like magic. While that was great I was not ok to spend 4k+ on a occasional use makeup product. I researched and found Nykaa had a similar product for about 1k+ and then found another not so well known brand on Amazon with similar concealer shades.

I thought I’ll give it a shot as the price was as low as 175. I was wary about the chemicals used etc, so before applying it, I spread aloevera gel as a natural primer and a protective layer. The creamy texture and coverage was almost as good as Mac. I used it a few times now, everytime I can’t believe how it wakes up my face. If you are going to try, it’s best to do a patch test first.”

For those who are still undecided about investing in a skin corrector, here’s how to use it:

This product is available on the Insight website and is priced at Rs.166– click here to buy. Nykaa prices it at Rs.175– click here to buy.

If you’d like to try your hand at making some tweaks on areas of your skin that you aren’t entirely happy with, do what Gautami did. What worked for her may end up becoming a part of your make-up routine as well.

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