Guest Review: Concealer Palette

Wanting to look one’s best isn’t restricted to working professionals or even people going out to interact socially. When we look into the mirror and see a face with blemishes, spots and basically skin that looks less than healthy, it can impact our mood, frame of mind and also self-image. Having a quick fix for making the dark circles and spots vanish while the skin … Continue reading Guest Review: Concealer Palette

Product Review: Maybelline Concealer

Anyone who suffers from problematic skin complete with blemishes, faces some tough choices when getting ready for any kind of interaction with people. Whether it’s a work meeting or a social one, we always want to look our best. And an even skin tone with marks and scars dotting the face is a major downer. That’s why after looking at multiple choices for a concealer, … Continue reading Product Review: Maybelline Concealer

Product Comparison : Charcoal Face Packs

In the process of detoxifying your face, a pack can be very handy. It’s basically a three-step process of cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate that keeps can help the skin glowing, acne and blemish-free. But the skin-type is the most important thing to take into account while choosing any of these products. Because while they will do what it’s supposed to, the extent of the effect … Continue reading Product Comparison : Charcoal Face Packs