Product Recommendation: Excela Rich Hydrating Facial Lotion

This is the first time am posting a review of a product that has been recommended by a doctor for relieving dry skin and keeping the skin healthy overall. While this isn’t a medicated product per se, it’s not the usual over the counter moisturiser that people usually know about. Excela Rich Facial Hydrating Lotion from Cipla ticks multiple boxes not only your daily skin care but also in helping repair dry and damaged skin.

For those who would like to keep using make-up while needing to keep their skin hydrated, this product works well as a base on the skin before applying anything further like a BB cream, concealer etc. However it is recommended that on acne-prone or problematic skin, chemicals and make-up be kept to a minimum to avoid further skin irritations.

While it may seem to be on the costlier side for a small bottle, one only needs a small amount to cover their face or the problem areas so the bottle will easily last 4-5 months if used as directed. Available in most medical stores, this lotion can be sourced on the following eCommerce websites:

  • Netmeds @Rs.950 for 50 ml. Click here to buy.
  • Amazon @Rs.718 (discounted price available for Prime users) for 50 ml. Click here to buy.
  • @Rs.808 for 50 ml. Click here to buy.
  • Flipkart @Rs.800 for 50 ml. Click here to buy.

This product is paragon-free, aids in keeping acne-prone skin safe and is fragrance-free as well. Could this be the answer to your dry, itchy and sensitive skin issues? Try it and find out today!

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