Product Recommendation: Grapeseed Body Scrub

I’ve mentioned this before- I LOVE Bodyshop products. They last long, they make you smell fantastic and they also do good things to your skin! And they have things which suit different skin types quite well- most important.

I have combination skin. Now for those of you who know have been seeing that term in different places but don’t entirely know what it means, check this out- according to ‘Combination Skin’ essentially means that “you are dry in winter and oily in summer. Some people incorrectly use it to mean oily in the T-zone but this is classified as an oily skin type.” Other dermatologists argue that combination skin is a distinct skin type characterized by varying amounts of oil production on the face.”

Now I fall in the latter part of the definition i.e I have varying amounts of oil production on the face but overall dry skin body-wise. And given the place I stay in, Hyderabad, the winters are especially harsh on my skin unless I keep it hydrated well and frequently.

That’s where this particular product comes in- Spa of the World™ French Grape Seed Scrub. Part of Bodyshop’s premium offering, the Spa of the World range, this product firms, tones, exfoliates and hydrates the skin quite thoroughly.

While there’s a rough element to it with the slight coarse quality of the grape seeds, these seeds also contain oil so even after the exfoliation is done and the scrub’s washed away, there’s a softness to the skin that lingers because of the oils that are released.

The spread is thick and if kept unused for a while, the coarser seeds and sugars tend to sink to the bottom while the buttery part of the scrub stays on top. Mix both layers well before using on the skin. Use on damp skin and exfoliate areas of the body which tend to have rough skin like elbows, knees etc.

Amongst the range of products available in Bodyshop, this one is still fairly costly, priced at Rs. 2795 on their website and on Nykaa; click here to buy from Bodyshop and here to buy from Nykaa. It is available for Rs. 2,236.00 on Boddess- click here to buy.

This product lasts long and ends up being value for money in the long run. You’ll smell fresh and mildly fruity for a long while.

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