Product Recommendation: Body Polish

While a lot of us have a fairly consistent kind of skin regime, some of us have skins that undergo changes along with the changing weather and climate. One of the most recommended ways of keeping skin looking fresh, clean and healthy is to exfoliate it along with cleansing and moisturizing.

I recently came across a fantastic product online and the brand name is associated with products which are gentle on the skin across their range- Dove. This and my unending search for good body scrubs and body polish led me to try out the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish/Scrub. And the results have been good from the first use itself!

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Before we get into why this product might be good for you, let’s find out why exfoliating is good for us. For those who don’t exfoliate much or at all, here are some of the benefits of exfoliating your skin (read this article for more details):

  1. It unclogs pores (acne isn’t limited to our faces)
  2. It prevents acne (cleaning up the pores leads to this)
  3. Cleans the skin surface to let other skincare products penetrate deeper.
  4. The scrubbing evens out skin tone.
  5. Boosts circulation.
  6. Detoxifies skin by removing dead skin and other impurities.
  7. Has anti-aging benefits by boosting collagen synthesis (improves skin texture and keeps it looking tight and young).

Back to the review- I ordered the Kiwi Seeds and Cool Aloe one and the Pomegranate and Shea Butter ones. And while the former is definitely a favourite, the latter isn’t too far behind. The Kiwi one is mild and the seeds are finely ground and less coarse, giving a smoother and softer exfoliation which relaxes and still cleanses your skin of sebum and other impurities. I felt light and refreshed after the first use.

The smell is very mild, almost neutral for those who aren’t a big fan of sweet or fruity aromas in their skin care products. This one washes off quite quickly and leaves no residue on your skin and is optimum for those with skin that tends to be oily.

The Pomegranate one is ground slightly more coarsely but it doesn’t hurt your skin during application. It smells sweet but isn’t excessive at all. You’ll probably emerge from your shower smelling like a bouquet and feel like you gave your skin and body a workout with the scrubbing.

This product is more suitable for those whose skin tends to be drier. The shea butter prevents too much moisture loss and you can feel a soft layer on your skin post the wash, almost like a moisturiser.

Sourcing this is pretty easy- it’s on all the online shelves of the sites that stock beauty and skincare products. I’ve yet to see it in the actual stores till now though. While the MRP is Rs.669, the prices range from Rs.524 to 559 for 298 gms. And with the usage for most skin exfoliators being recommended 2-3 times a week, this scrub will last you a good long time since a little bit goes a long way in skin coverage.

It’s available on Amazon India , Nykaa, iHerb among the more popular retailers in five different aromas. But do read the instructions properly before seeing if the product is the best fit for your skin requirements. And for those who are concerned about their carbon footprint, the product does come in a plastic case but is paraben and sulphate-free.

Check it out today and see if your skin care routine gets new addition with this offering from Dove.

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