Product Review: Pure Cult Laundry Detergent

I’ve been on an eco-friendly kick for a while now. I am still actively looking for products for everyday use that have either been sourced without harming the environment, made without too many chemicals and additives and finally; those which don’t impact the environment adversely while they’re being used and disposed. And while I’m not a green warrior by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve quite encouraged to keep looking till I settle on products which my family also end up approving and which we can sustain for the long run.

I’d published a preview about a month ago about a new and eco friendly product that I was going to test drive before posting a review. The product was Pure Cult’s Laundry Detergent and Fabric Conditioner. The packaging is green but it also comes with a good amount of plastic all around it which kind of defeats the purpose of being “green”. Maybe a strong wrap of plastic around the cap and nowhere else?

The product by itself is rather unremarkable. There isn’t any distinct “nice aroma” and you don’t get clothes which smell good per se. They just smell sun-dried and clean which is good enough. The detergent and fabric conditioner ideally ought to be used together but even without using the fabric conditioner my clothes aren’t getting battered. They feel the same way they did earlier. So would I continue buying the fabric conditioner? Maybe not? Maybe I’ll keep a small bottle for the delicates instead of for daily use.

One big difference in the way the laundry is happening is the amount of foam that’s getting generated during the wash. In my earlier post (click here to read) about “green” detergents I hadn’t mentioned this point but by now I’ve used enough products to know that the amount of foam and froth being generated is significantly lesser than when I was using the usual household names in detergents. A quick look into the washing machine drum shows slightly murky water but less of bubbles and foam whereas earlier it would be frothy bubbles all the way.

Should you buy this product? Well that depends. I find it adequate. I don’t find the clothes getting significantly cleaner than how they went into the washing in the first place. Even using some amount of undiluted detergent on tough stains didn’t really help me with this product. I had to fall back on Vanish or Pidilite’s Stainoff to get the job done properly.

But if having peace of mind about your carbon print is as primary an objective as having clean clothes then this product is worth a try. It’s available at Rs.300 for 500 ml of detergent and Rs.299 for 500 ml of fabric softener on their website (click here to buy). Whereas Amazon offers additional discounts and prices them at Rs. 375 for the same quantity of detergent (click here to buy) and Rs.265 for the fabric conditioner (click here to buy).

Write in and let me know about your green journey!

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