Product Recommendation: Eco-Pencils

In this day and age when more and more kids are using technology to type things out or using voice-to-text software instead of writing things out, the recommendation of pencils might come as a surprise to many. But these pencils are special! Not only are they made of recycled paper, they literally complete the cycle by going back to the beginning. Here’s how.

Each pencil pencil has seeds which are enclosed in a small capsule at the end. Once the pencil becomes too small to hold and write with, just uncap it, pour the seeds out into a pot that has good potting soil and voila! You have seeds on their to becoming plants with the right amount of water, sun and love!

The concept of recycled pencils which carry seeds within them is a great way for kids to connect with the concept of their own carbon footprints and learn about nurturing the environment. This idea was kicked off in 2012, Michael Stausholm started a company called Sprout. The company’s main product is the Sprout Pencil, which was originally invented by three students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

We gave these pencils out as return gifts on our child’s birthday last year and it was a hit! If anything else, the idea of reusing something or caring for the environment will slowly take root along with the seeds in the pencil.

These products are sold under various brand names and on most of the major e-Retail sites. Click on this link for the list of brands and the sites they are available on along with their prices. With prices starting from as low as Rs.160, it’s a good way to let kids choose more sustainable, responsible and ecologically safer brands and products in their day to day lives.

Buy your plantable pencils today!

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