Creativity Reco: Soundtrap

There are many things that one likes to do to relax and take a load off. But you can’t not put too high a premium on being creative and creating something that gives you a sense of purpose, achievement and accomplishment while doing some R&R. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the FUN factor!

My child’s school came up with a very fun and creative way of helping the kids connect with music and eventually create some of their own. They were learning about Music Without Words and how to communicate about themselves using music as a language.

And in came Soundtrap! An offering from Spotify, Soundtrap is a collaborative platform that can be used very effectively in the field of education, targeting the S.T.E.A.M outlook or concepts.

According to Wikipedia, Soundtrap was founded April 1, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden by Björn Melinder, Fredrik Posse, Gabriel Sjöberg, and Per Emanuelsso who believed that it was too “complex to make music” and who wanted to create a studio with collaboration and “a full production environment where you can do professional-sounding podcasts, collaboratively done on the web (read the full article here)

And while I could write about how their DAW (digital audio workstation) is fun and easy to use and how the program was named “The Best Website for Teaching and Learning” in 2015 by the American Association of School Librarians and was featured on Google for Education’s “Creative Apps for Chromebooks” in 2016. It was also given 4/5 stars by Common Sense Media, saying that the dashboard was easy to use and that the “extensive video tutorials and support features facilitate use of this tool to its fullest potential.” the fact that my child enjoyed making something wholly on his own, that gave him the means to express himself and his emotions; make it good in my book.

Soundtrap is a freemium platform and is available for a trial period of a month before the paid period kicks in. Starting from Rs.7000 and change per annum and working out to a lesser than Rs.600 per month, this is great way for your child to unleash their inner DJ, composer, musician and even podcaster! And it’s conveniently available as an app as well for those who like to make their music on the go.

Is Soundtrap a good way to engage your child when the digital medium is the norm rather than the exception? Take up the trial for one month and see what your child is capable of. We did and the results have been great!

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