Product Recommendation: Moisture Absorber

Have you ever opened a suitcase full of old clothes or the wollens you packed away after winter and were greeted by a less than fresh smell? A musty, slightly damp feel to your clothes, important documents or pictures that were packed away? If you have, then today’s post is perfect for you because we’re going to be reviewing a moisture absorber called Absorbia.

Recommended by friends who’ve faced similar issues and had a tough time getting mould and mildew off their personal belongings, Absorbia has been a boon, with the differences visible in a matter of days! An offering of Better and Brighter Home Care (click here for more info), this product seems to be a pretty popular way to tackle dampness, mildew and prevent mould in our living spaces.

Take a look at how it works-

With Absorbia being useful not just to protect expensive fabrics, but also other rooms in the house along with it seemingly cleaning the quality of the air in the storage spaces as well; it is widely used and available with majority of the supermarket stocking it.

It is quite affordably priced with Rs.169 being the cost of a tub that claims to last for upto 60 days, depending upon the humidity factors.

You can also source it from the following e-Retailers: on Amazon– click here to buy, on Flipkart– click here to buy and the Absorbia website- click here to buy.

Note: while looking at the packaging and the website of the product, nowhere is it stated what goes into making of the gel that converts the moisture into water nor are proper disposal methods of that water mentioned or recommended. For those of us who have been using mothballs or naphthalene over the years and might find the smell annoying, Absorbia looks like a very user-friendly product and whether it’s ecofriendly or not remains unknown.

Try it out and let me know how your experience has been fighting mildew with Absorbia.

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