Guest Recommendation: Pedigree Jumbone

All our posts till now have been relevant to people. But where there are people, can their best friends be far behind? Today we’ll be doing our first pet product review and our guest reviewer is a handsome young fellow.

Say hello to Messi! He’s 5 1/2 years old and his mom Harleen says that he “loves all humans and is especially great with kids. He hates aircraft & buffaloes and loves playing with his toys…his cushion being his fav ! He’s a big attention seeker!”

Buy Pedigree Jumbone 200Gm at Rs.111.8-

After getting the Pedigree Jumbone as a gift on his last birthday, Messi’s grown very attached to having this treat. His family reward him with it post his bath and he’s can sit and gnaw on it for a good long time while he thinks about his walks, sniffing the grass and marking his spots in the outside world.

Messi’s mom is glad they got introduced to this product because now they have access to something that makes him happy, keeps him quiet, contented and is readily available in most grocery stores. A much easier proposition compared to earlier when they were sourcing his treats from the US!

Retailing at Rs.490 for a pack of 4 on Amazon, this doggy treat is value for money and leads to happy pets and happier owners!

How do you keep your furry baby happy? Maybe a Jumbone will become new favourite of your pet. Try it out today!

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