Guest Review: Luggage Brand

We all talk about traveling and having new experiences but often forget about an essential part of the travel- our luggage. Believe it or not, luggage can make or break your travelling experience. Our guest reviewer today knows all about traveling seeing that he spent most of his adult life traveling for his work and has probably clocked as much time up in the air, as he has on the ground!

Say hello to Nilojit. A travel enthusiast who likes to seek out slightly out-of-the-way places to discover; Nilojit is a business leader in the alcoholic beverages industry for many years. A fun-loving person and foodie, he is also an ardent soccer and Formula One fan.

Having traveled extensively, Nilojit is the perfect person to give us our first luggage brand recommendation- Hidesign

This is what he has to say about it- ” While travelling both in my professional and personal capacities, I have been to several places both in India and abroad and in all these trips my constant companions are a Hidesign Wheelie bag and a Cougar men’s messenger bag.  I have been using Hidesign travel and laptop bags for more than 15 years and I find Hidesign products have excellent value for money. Both Hidesign wheelies and bags are made of genuine leather  and are well crafted,  sleek, stylish , sturdy and tough which goes with my personality & appearance quite well.”

While Hidesign has been known as a high-end leather goods brand it is also known to be one that lasts quite long, with instructions given at the stores about the maintenance of the product being bought; for optimum usage.

They are also vocal about their focus and commitment to their carbon footprint and recycling policies. Read more about that here.

Retailing at Rs.7,995 on the Hidesign website, the Cougar Messenger Bag may seem to be on the costlier side, but you get years of use out of it along with its simple and classy look and feel. Making it perfect for the traveling professional whose tastes are more dignified.

The wheelie travel bags retail for Rs.20,995 and are spacious, made of enduring material and are often lighter than the plastic in PC (polycarbonate) or PP (polypropylene) that’s present in the other brands on the market.

While buying this brand is best done from their website or their stores, reliable e-commerce sites like Amazon and TataCliq, Flipkart and Nykaa also stock Hidesign products. However, they usually end up catering to women and stock more frequently-bought products like handbags, slings and smaller items instead of the whole range of luggage as compared to the brand’s website.

So, do you love to travel? Over the top loud colors not your thing? Are clean, simple designs and reliable bags your ideal travel companions? Head over to Hidesign and enhance your travel with the Hidesign experience today!

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