Guest Review: Coffee Soap

There are people who really like their coffee. To the extent that they use products which have coffee in them for their personal hygiene as well. A while back I had posted a review of a coffee body scrub that I use regularly and which is really good VFM. Today’s product review comes from a guest reviewer who has found that she really loves another offering from the same brand- MCaffeine.

Say hello again to Kasturi, she’d been featured here before for her review of argan hair oil (click here to read) and today she’s back with a brand new product that she’s thoroughly enjoyed using and wanted to share her experience with us.

Kasturi recommends MCaffeine’s Naked and Raw Bathing Bars for a completely caffeinated bathing experience! These bathing bars come in three different aromas and types- Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Coffee. What she likes about the one she chose is the light fragrance, that it’s soft and creamy and it’s moisturising. As she puts it, “The fragrance is coffee…not strong filter coffee but mocha!

Now onto the pricing part of it- at nearly Rs.300 per bathing bar, this product does not come cheap! There is a standard size- 100 gms and it is available on the following sites:

  • MCaffeine– it’s available at a discounted rate of Rs.269 compared to the MRP of Rs.299. Click here to buy.
  • Nykaa– a discounted rated of Rs.765 for all 3 (click here to buy) or individual bars at Rs. 265 each- click here to buy.
  • Amazon- a discounted rate of Rs.265. Click here to buy.

So if coffee is your thing and you want to inject some caffeine-fun in your bath time, put this product on your shopping list and give it a try! Don’t forget to let me know how your experience with these bathings bars are!

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