Product Review: Facial Cleaner With Sandalwood & Orange Peel

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This review is of a brand that I’ve not used much. Whenever I have had occasion to use the products it’s been solely due to them being gifted since I usually find it quite OTT expensive. And since I’ve been pretty happy with the other products I’ve used on and off on my acne-prone face, I’ve not had much reason to check out their range. But Forest Essentials has a loyal following and there are those who swear by it and use nothing else!

But this product is one that I could feel a difference with from the first wash onwards and it made my skin feel really good. The Forest Essentials Facial Cleaner With Sandalwood and Orange Peel is great for people with oily skin and who need to keep their sebum levels under control.

You need a little bit for the most problematic areas of your face and then once you lather up, just softly cleanse your skin thoroughly and then rinse off. Lukewarm water works best for oily skin since it gets the sebum right off and makes you feel cleaner and lighter in the process.

With this facial cleaner, the immediate effect was my face feeling tighter and looking a better, free of the grime and dust. And despite the tightening of the skin, it didn’t feel like my skin was getting pulled too much and needed to be hydrated immediately either. All in all, I would give this cleaner an 8 out of 10 in terms of getting the job done.

Available at all Forest Essential stores as well as online, this luxury product is priced at Rs. 1,125 for 200 ml across the different e-commerce portals. To buy it on the Forest Essentials website– click here to buy. To buy on Amazon, click here. To buy on Nykaa, click here. While it is on the costlier side for a daily use item, the small amount needed to get desired results will let it last for a good months.

Are you the kind of person who wants to pamper themselves and their skin with high-end products? Then this might be a good place to start or extend the range of products that you use to look and feel good. And do let me know how you feel post using it. Would love to hear from you after you do!

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