Guest Review: Bosch Dishwasher

The lockdown has likely done more to drive up sales of robo vacumn cleaners (read our Roomba review here) and dishwashers than their brands’ original ads campaigns have. It’s truly an example of a silver lining if one’s inclined to see things that way.

BOSCH Dishwasher, Bosch Rexroth Dishwasher - Vijaya Laxmi Impex ...

The spotlight today is on the dishwasher, a product that’s gradually becoming an essential commodity in many Indian homes. Marketed by Bosch, this product is in great demand in the Indian market today and is out of stock in most e-commerce sites, with huge waiting lists in the electronic goods stores that stock it.

Our guest reviewer today definitely believes in silver linings because she possibly got her hands on on the last available dishwashers on the market. And is super happy that she did!

Meet Asmita, an artist who works in acrylics, creating beautiful landscapes and vistas. Her use of color is striking and she’s happiest being an artist and a mom. Check out her work here.

Working for one of ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and being a travel enthusiast is something that takes work and planning and she understands the value of time management. When she stresses on how much a gadget improves the quality of her life, we have to feature it for others to take note and get on the bandwagon!

She recommends this purchase for the following reasons:

  • It’s a 12 plate setting so quite a few things get washed in one go.
  • It has 6 wash programs which help control time, temperature, quantity of water and energy.
  • Steel comes out shining and glassware is sparkling clean.
  • The specific detergent meant for this product costs Rs.300 per month (a decent saving on the amount we spend on liquid soap, detergent cakes, scrubbers etc on a regular basis when maids are washing the utensils.
  • Very economical and easy on hands
  • Even hard to clean things like strainers come out shining like new!

There are a few things which add to the overall cost of this machine like a rinse aid for glass which needs to be refilled after roughly 10 wash cycles and a salt that needs to be used from time to time to prevent the sediment build-up and calcification. All are easily available either online or in the medium to large supermarkets.

Retailing for the free-standing, 12-setting dishwasher starts at Rs.34,500 and goes up to Rs.48,000. And while those might be high 5-digit pricing for many, what the dishwasher seems to save in terms of energy, effort, water et al, seems like a very doable trade-off for most. So who’s going to be washing the dishes in your house going ahead?

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