Guest Review: Skin Care Recommendation

The skin is not only the largest organ of the body it’s also the one that people irrespective of their age, sex, height, weight and race, obsess about. The way one’s skin looks can raise a person’s morale way high or bring them crashing down. And this is where our guest reviewer comes in, with her tried and tested method for consistently healthy skin.


Say hello to Vardhini. She wears multiple caps like a pro! She’s a mom to two beautiful kids, a budding author, a professional photographer who creates magical images of babies and little tots. Oh, and she also has a green thumb and most importantly-she’s an artist! To see some of her work, click here.

What is evident right off the bat about Vardhini is her smile and her glowing skin. Today she’s going to share how she keeps her skin looking fresh and healthy.

Vardhini recommends Dr.Sheth’s Chemical Peel. Let’s see why she likes this product so much. This is an excerpt from a chat we had about the product:

It’s a scrub but not abrasive . It’s a chemical peel mild enough for home use.
It can be used twice a week to begin with and alternate days when your skin gets used to it.
It basically removes dead cells and renews skin. Great for women over 30 and people with sensitive skin who can’t use physical scrubs.
It has to be applied at night as a serum or mask. ( The website has good instructions)
U wake up with such glossy skin I tell you!
I have dealt with black heads white heads and dull skin all my life
And now it’s getting better 😊 with this.
Caution : make sure u use sunscreen
As you don’t want to expose your skin to sun when u use this.
Not for day use. Only night time
Dr.Sheth’s website provides all info
It’s reasonably priced not to high not too low
And one bottle goes a long way
For those who would like to try out this product or see what else Dr.Sheth has to offer, you can check out the website here. And remember, when in doubt, always consult a dermatologist or a licensed cosmetologist before starting off with a new treatment.
Wishing you healthy and glowing skin like Vardhini’s!

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