Product Review: Detergent Pods

I love the idea of detergent pods. What’s not to love? They melt completely leaving no residue, they are easy to store, they are tiny and take up very little space barring the box they came in and they are an “all-in-one” product that negates the need for extra products like fabric softener extra. It’s a compact and complete package all by itself!

Ariel launched their laundry detergent pods a while back and I just had to try them out. They were simple enough that no measuring is needed, which means even small hands can get the job done and being an all-in-one product it needs no add-ins except the clothes. The only things I wasn’t terribly happy are these:

  • The box- it says child proof but it’s not easy to open or close; either by a child or an adult. Or maybe we’re just those simple people who like the “twist-to-open and twist-to-close” kind of people.
  • The price.
  • The eco-factor

It would be great if Ariel and other FMCG companies would move over to more sustainable cleaning products which are plant-based and free of sulphates and other harmful chemicals. The usual stuff which gives a good lather and cleans visibly has a run-off that is terrible for the environment and our waterbodies in the long run.

If you are a household that does laundry frequently, then you’re better off with a larger box of the pods. It’s available on the P&G site as well as Amazon and of the two, the pricing on Amazon’s better. Click here to buy on P&G. Available in sizes of 18 and 32 pieces, this product is priced at Rs. 528 (marked down from Rs.704) for a pack of 32 pods and Rs. 324 (marked down from Rs.432) on Amazon. The pods still are costlier when compared to the cost of a 2 litre Ariel bottle that’s available for Rs.370 and will last a good long time even with heavy use.

So, are the pods the new best thing for your clothes or are you sticking to tried and tested ways of getting your clothes clean?

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