Brand Recommendation: Mothercare

As an expectant mother I got so much information about what was “best”, what was “essential” that my brain started to shut down. As it is, a newbie parent is flying blind from the word go despite all the parenting information that’s out there. One brand that my husband and I really liked from the word go was-Mothercare. A British retailer that started selling its products … Continue reading Brand Recommendation: Mothercare

Guest Review: Electric Hair Remover

The lockdown has become a game changer in the way we live our lives. With women still managing both home and work, often simultaneously, their time for personal grooming activities without the help of salons has become even more important than before. The JML Finishing Touch Flawless The Discreet Hair Remover helps make that happen and saves time for busy ladies who would like to … Continue reading Guest Review: Electric Hair Remover

Product Recommendation: Smart TV

We were a bit slow to get on the SmartTv bandwagon. We had a HD tv where we plugged in our Chromecast, Firestick and which external hard disk (only the USB 2.0 variety) and that was fulfilling our needs. But families grow and sometimes more gadgets are a good way to ensure more people have the resources they need to keep busy and not have … Continue reading Product Recommendation: Smart TV

Guest Review- Gardening Gloves

Whether one has a lush green plot at their disposal or they have turned a small corner of their balcony, roof into a cozy green space; gardening is an activity that many find a lot of joy and comfort in. It helps boost the air quality around us to say nothing of our moods. Read more about that here. Our guest reviewer today is important … Continue reading Guest Review- Gardening Gloves