Product Comparison: Kajal

I have a rather shaky hand at times when it comes to my fine motor movements. That almost always comes out where any kind of liner pencils come into play. I seldom bother with make-up due to an overly temperamental and sensitive skin but an eyeliner is usually my accessory of choice. Thankfully for me then, our Indian markets are overflowing with local and big … Continue reading Product Comparison: Kajal

Product Comparison : Charcoal Face Packs

In the process of detoxifying your face, a pack can be very handy. It’s basically a three-step process of cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate that keeps can help the skin glowing, acne and blemish-free. But the skin-type is the most important thing to take into account while choosing any of these products. Because while they will do what it’s supposed to, the extent of the effect … Continue reading Product Comparison : Charcoal Face Packs