Gadget Review: Smartphone

All of us gravitate towards particular features in the gadgets we use in our day to day life. Some like a particular look and feel whereas others prefer functionality over aesthetics. Over a point of time I’ve found that while aesthetics are necessary for people to form opinions about the things that they use; for a gadget like a smartphone which is usually kept stuck … Continue reading Gadget Review: Smartphone

Guest Review: Room Cooler

Indian summers are infamous the world over. They are largely, searingly hot or horribly humid. All a person can hope for is a cool breeze and a way to get some relief from the heat. And while air conditioners provide the coolest air, they are costly and have quite a few step required before one can start to enjoy them viz installation by a trained … Continue reading Guest Review: Room Cooler

Product Recommendation: Smart TV

We were a bit slow to get on the SmartTv bandwagon. We had a HD tv where we plugged in our Chromecast, Firestick and which external hard disk (only the USB 2.0 variety) and that was fulfilling our needs. But families grow and sometimes more gadgets are a good way to ensure more people have the resources they need to keep busy and not have … Continue reading Product Recommendation: Smart TV