Product Review: Electric Tandoor

I came across this product at a friend’s house and the range of items that could be made with it seemed vast and it was easy to move around as well. The Berg electric tandoor (B-3) was one of my impulse buys and it isn’t something I have had a chance to think about too favourably for a few reasons. With prices ranging from Rs.2890 … Continue reading Product Review: Electric Tandoor

Product Recommendation: Cold Pressed Juice

This concept has been envogue for a while now. Anything “cold-pressed” seems to be the way to go. Juices and oils suddenly have their refined, preserved versions which battle it out with their cold-pressed and natural versions. And despite the debate about which type is better, I’ve tried out this brand recently and I like their taste and variety and most importantly, it makes me … Continue reading Product Recommendation: Cold Pressed Juice