Product Review: Nivea Soft Chilled Mint Cream

My child has problems with his skin drying up too quickly. At the same time, the heavier creams and lotions which leave a sheen on top aren’t something he prefers either. He likes it to be light, easy to apply and well…exactly like cream.

I came across a preview of the new range of Nivea Soft Cremes in a supermarket a while ago and bought the Chilled Mint one. It turned out to be a great decision! The cream is super light but doesn’t entirely disappear into the skin; it leaves a coating that protects and hydrates and the slight cooling sensation is a boon for the summer months when we typically tend to sweat more but still may need an additional layer of protection for our face, hands and legs.

Buy NIVEA Soft, Light Moisturising Cream, Chilled Mint, 100ml ...

Available in physical and virtual stores, this product retails between Rs.257 to Rs.270 for 200 ml, these are the following aromas that you can opt for- Berry Blossom and Tropical Fruit. But my favourite remains the Chilled Mint. Try it out and you’ll see why.

Product Comparison: L’Oreal Shampoos For Colored Hair

I started getting my hair coloured in my late 30s. I wanted to see I could pull it off. That it hid the grey was a happy coincidence .

I had been using the L’Oréal’s Serie Expert’s Color Radiance Shampoo and Masque on the salon’s recommendation. The Masque especially was quite good for my hair and led to less breakages. But the products didn’t come cheap. They retail at anything from 1200-1300 depending on the site you source it from. Unless you get it directly from a salon in which case it could cost slightly more.loreal-professionnel-vitamino-color-a-ox-shampoo-300-ml-masque-original-imaf3rwuf3fas3x3

Courtesy the nation-wide lockdown however, when I ran out of my usual shampoo+conditioner, I was forced to look for alternatives. And the answer came in the form of another offering from L’Oréal- their Color Protect range. Retailing at Rs.239 for 360 ml and Rs.169 for 175 ml respectively, the shampoo and conditioner are extremely effective in protecting and cleaning coloured hair without much hair breakage in the process.


The hair gets bouncy, stays soft and the Color Protect range is easier to source from supermarkets instead of having to hit the salons or visit Nykaa or Amazon. So lesson to be learnt here is this- stick with a good brand but shop around a bit. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best thing out there for you. Sometimes high-end is just that; high.

Product Review: The Bodyshop Peppermint Foot Scrub

Our feet are possibly the most neglected part of our bodies. Till they get chapped, the heels cracked or the arches pained; we seldom proactively take care of them. The primary reasons for that are a) rarely do people see our feet beyond the painted toenails and b) it is much harder to care for your feet properly than other parts of your body. 

Be as it may, most of us (including the men who scoff at spa days), find immense relief and relaxation in soaking our feet, getting them buffed, scrubbed and feeling rejuvenated. A well-scrubbed foot makes the entire body feel lighter and with good reason; our feet literally hold us up. We can’t do enough to keep them in shape!

A good soak (roughly 10 mins) in moderate to fairly warm water is the start of any good foot care regime. Our heels and toes tend to have a good bit of wear and tear and the hot warm goes a long way loosening up dirt and grime and helps this next product really do it’s job!Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub

The peppermint foot care range from The Body Shop is really aces in my book! And amongst that, this product stands out because while it soothes, it heals, cleanses and smell of peppermint relaxes the mind.

With ground pumice to help the process of exfoliation, this product is a must have for me. Whether it’s in the summers or the dry winters, a fortnightly application of it goes a long way in keeping the skin of your feet fresh and clean.

For best results consider using the cooling foot spray and the gel and/or the foot cream post the scrub down. For people living in humid places, I would recommend the gel over the cream since it gets absorbed into the skin faster and is significantly less slippery. In winter however, the creams scores over the gel.

Get on your happy feet groove on!


Product Review: Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

With an Indian summer looming over us with intermittent spells of rains and humidity, body care becomes that much more essential. Feeling fresh is something we cannot put enough of a premium on. It not only adds to our hygiene but a heightened sense of well-being; in mind and body both.

The product being highlighted today ticks off all the boxes in that regard and falls short in a critical aspect- cost. While the offerings from Lush has its dedicated consumer base, outside UK and USA the sourcing of the products proves to be challenging and more often than not, cost-prohibitive.

Ocean Salt

A few years ago, Lush had its outlets in the metros and in the bigger malls in India. However, even with the craze Indians feel towards “imported goods”, it was difficult to sustain their required bottom line and now the products retail online and are fairly untouchable by most due to the 4-5 digit price tags they tend to sport. However, if the opportunity presents itself to try out their bath and body line, do consider their Ocean Salt offering. It’s a sea breeze in a tub. A recycled plastic one to boot!

With a thick paste-like appearance and feel, the granules start to cool the skin within seconds of application.  However, the cooling is subtle and dissimilar to using products with peppermint in them. It does take two rinses to get off the residue but by then you are feeling so upbeat that an extra 2 minutes under the shower is no hardship.

Few thing to watch out for- if you have any cuts and open wounds on the skin, avoid using the product because it will sting and even burn a bit. And while it is suitable for the face; be extra careful using it around the eyes. It is salt-based after all.

If you like using your scrub by the handfuls, this one will probably lighten your bank account considerably unless you go by the less-is-more philosophy. On the flip side, Lush is known for their cruelty-free testings, so you don’t need to worry too much about allergic reactions.

Like with all scrubs, it is best to use on a patch of skin first and see if any rashes appear. And then use 2-3 times a week. Too much exfoliation scrubs away more than the dead cells, it can leave skin looking rough and robs it of moisture and the oils that keep it hydrated.

Go head, Lush it up and take a dip in the ocean with their Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.

Product Review: MCaffeine Body Scrub

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author and are not influenced by any endorsements from vendors of the products being reviewed. Before using them, please do go through reviews posted on e-Commerce websites and testimonials and take an informed decision.

A year ago when I was in a rather hot and humid place, I wanted something extra along with my shower to get a more thorough feeling of freshness. Our skins secrete a waxy substance called sebum and it shows up on the surface as an oily, shiny layer. And while it is a thin layer on top of our skin, it can affect the way the skin looks and feels. Too much sebum can lead to pimples and acne as well.

Body scrubs have traditionally been used to exfoliate dead skin cells, giving the body a glow or a shine. The are used to lighten or get rid of tan, dull skin and open the pores. Depending on the composition of our skin we should use a scrub that exfoliates in a light manner or in a more deep cleaning one.

Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut, SLS and Paraben Free, 100gm

The mCaffeine range of products is one which is relatively new in the market but seems to be steadily gaining in popularity despite the competition. Their Naked & Raw body scrub is particularly refreshing with coarse granules that fill your senses with the sharp aroma of coffee.  A good rub down with the scrub especially on tough areas of the skin like elbows, knees and even underarms, leaves you feeling lighter, cleaner and most importantly, smelling great!

Priced rather affordably at Rs.449 on their website, this 100 gms jar will last you a good 2-3 months depending upon use. One to two scoops usually do the trick for arms and legs whereas a single scoop suffices for elbows and knees. If you want more bang for your buck, consider a subscription on which will get you the product at Rs.403 or at Rs.425 as a one-time buy option.

Be careful about using it to scrub your neck and keep your hair properly tied up or under a shower cap because these little granules can be tough to get out of longer lengths of hair. Another thing to avoid is using it on the face. This is primarily a body scrub and can leave the face dry and rough.

Place your order today and come out of the shower smelling fresh and of coffee. Talk about getting your caffeine fix on!

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