Product Review: Clay Detox Face Pack

A while ago, I came across a brand that claimed to be 100% natural and made by following age-old homemade recipes, in an Ayurvedic manner and completely free from parabens, phthalates, SLS, sulphates, silicones, polysorbates and PEG too- NATHABIT.

Over the last couple of months, I have primarily used their face products and found that while they haven’t entirely aided in my pigmentations or acne from going away, they have slowed the process down and made my skin feel fresher and less sensitised to the pollution.

The product I’ll be reviewing today is their Pumpkin Clay Exfoliating Mura for deep skin detox. I am yet to find out the exact meaning of the word *mura* in relation to Ayurveda and skin care but it’s a paste-like substance and it works very well on my skin type which is a combination skin leaning towards oily.

Product description: the packet is a smallish one, about 25 gms and it is specified if it needs to be refrigerated and what they shelf-life is. Despite the refrigeration, the shelf-life of these products tend to be lesser but since this one doesn’t require very frequent use or a lot of quantity, it lasts for a while.

The pricing for a pack for a single pack is Rs.64, marked down from Rs.90 and for a twin pack it is Rs. 118, marked down from Rs.180.

Experience: Clay typically tends to tighten the skin and pores and you feel the effect of the tightness for a day or two without it feeling too dry in the process. The paste is to be applied evenly and kept for about 10 mins and then washed off with water.

Keeping it in the fridge may lead to the paste becoming a bit more dense and slightly harder to spread evenly, so using a bit of rose water or regular water to make the paste a bit softer helps. Using it once to twice a week goes a long way in keeping the skin look healthier and glowing. There is a mild aroma and having used it on both my child’s skin and mine (both rather sensitive) I can say that it has proven to be safe enough for long-term use.

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