Product Review: Charcoal and Mint Scrub

Charcoal is known for many benefits for the skin and over time has found its way into many beauty and skin products that we tend to use. Having a slightly gritty texture, it tends to be a natural exfoliant and its biggest uses are in cleansing skin, unclogging pores and removing deeper impurities. Mint on the other hand, works as an astringent and tones the skin and similar to charcoal, works to cleanse skin and keep it supple. Both these items together ideally should add upto a really refreshing product which should rejuvenate the skin and make us feel fresh and clean. But does this particular product do so? Read on…

I recently bought a charcoal and mint body scrub from Amazon. The product wasn’t from a very well-known brand but I liked the ingredients they were using and decided to try it out. The brand is Da Foam Story and you can check up on their products on their Facebook page and buy their products on Amazon. These are the ingredients the body scrub contains: activated charcoal, mint essential oils, glycerine, shea butter among others.

Usage: Scoop out a small amount of scrub and apply it on wet skin and it will start to foam. Avoid any cuts or bruised skin and wash off with water.

Experience: The product has a moderate smell of mint, not overpowering and foams readily enough. Although one should not use it expecting the kind of foam we get from our usual body washes and soaps. The feeling of freshness that I expected post using the product is also not much different from what you would experience after a regular shower. The cooling effect of mint was very minimal. All in all I find this product a bit of a let down. But it works much better as a face pack-scrub for me. Priced at Rs.349 for 100 gms, this product would be better suited for those who tend to have oily-dry skin since the combined effect of charcoal-mint will help with the cleansing while the shea butter will help in restoring moisture.

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