Product Recommendation: Herbal Foot Scrub

My previous post was about a great product I was using for the first time- an electric callus remover. The product I’ll be highlighting today is a great follow-on item once the callus remover has been used- an herbal foot scrub from Vaadi Herbals.

Vaadi Herbal’s claim to fame is an age-old Ayurvedic heritage that goes back 150 years. Catering to different product categories like Face Care, Hair Care, Foot Care, Lip Care and Bath &body they have an array of items which draw from plants, roots, herbs and are great to use.

Made with fenugreek (methi) and lemongrass oil, not only does this product smell soothing, it is easy to use. The creamy texture prevents loss of moisture from the feet especially after a thorough scrubbing or exfoliation has already been done.

The granules are small, not very coarse and help bring a glow to your feet while making them look like they’re fresh out of a pedi! A little bit goes a long way and the cream isn’t oily and doesn’t leave a residue on any fabric or even cause the bathroom tiles to become slippery the way many creamy scrubs can. This product doesn’t lather at all and needs very little water to wash away.

Even if you aren’t a fan of lemongrass like I am, the mild smell of the product goes away relatively soon and you are left with clean, smooth and a massaged feet.

Available on their website along with the major e-Commerce websites, this product is priced at Rs. 52 for 30 gms, Rs. 130 for 110 gms and Rs. 475 for 500 gms.

It promises to be:

Will you be going the Ayurveda way for your feet?

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