Product Review: Wild Ideas Pit Paste

A lot of people might frown a bit at this one and wonder…really? Underarm deodorant is something that doesn’t get written about too often I feel. It’s something everyone’s used at least once in their lives and usually when they are in a tearing hurry and need to not stink.

Beginning with the aerosol sprays which smelled pretty good but did a good bit of damage to the environment, to the roll-ons which were a bit better but still had some amount of chemicals that many were uncomfortable using for too long to something called a “Pit Paste“- the product that I’ll be reviewing today.

Another offering from the brand Wild Ideas (one I am determined to sample more and more items from) is their underarm deodorant called Pit Paste.

The “pit” part is evident but the paste is where some people might make a face but before you start thinking of a gooey, paste-y kind of substance, let me assure you that it’s nothing of the sort and is a solid mixture that’s to be applied onto the armpits the same way one would apply lip balm with their fingers.

Available in 5 different scents- Cedarwood&Daffodil, Green Apple&Tea Tree, Lavender, Orange&Cinnamon and Rosemary&Honeysuckle, each paste is available in glass jars of 120 gms each or you can try out a starter pack of each one in smaller sizes of 8 gms together. The ingredients have been chosen keeping in mind the benefits of the ones it’s named after with the base ingredients being Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Baking Soda and Corn Flour.

My personal experience has been that despite the very mild scents that come forth when you test each one, they all have lingering smells and it’s very easy to apply it. It’s literally at your finger tips. And because of the beeswax base, it gets washed right out in the shower or with a bit of hot water.

  • On the Wild Ideas website the pit pastes are priced at Rs.180 each for each jar of 120 gms– click here to buy. The starter kit’s is priced at Rs.Rs.250 for a set of 5 of 8 gms each- click here to buy.
  • They are available on Amazon for Rs.715 for a set of 4 jars of 120 gms each, in each scent- click here to buy. Individual jars are not available at this time.
  • Flipkart also sells them in a set of 4 of the same scent, priced at Rs. 720– click here to buy.
  • Paytm Mall sells the same quantity i.e. 4 jars of 120 gms each, for a discounted price of Rs. 648– click here to buy.
  • Goodbynature sells them individually at Rs.180 for a 120 gm jar and Rs. 250 for the started kit of 5 pit pastes of 8 mg each- click here to buy the individual ones and here to buy the starter kit.
  • Peachmode sells each variety of scents in a pack of 2 priced at Rs.360. Click here to buy.
  • Golisoda sells each variety in a set of 4 priced at Rs.720. Click here to buy.

So switch over to the natural alternative for your body. Keep yourself clean, while you go green, smelling good and keep your pits happy in the process!

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