Product Review: Maybelline Concealer

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Anyone who suffers from problematic skin complete with blemishes, faces some tough choices when getting ready for any kind of interaction with people. Whether it’s a work meeting or a social one, we always want to look our best. And an even skin tone with marks and scars dotting the face is a major downer.

That’s why after looking at multiple choices for a concealer, I was quite happy when I chanced upon this one – the Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer.

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It’s extremely easy to use- just twist till the spongy top gets specks of the concealer liquid and dab on face. Depending upon how much of the face needs the concealer treatment, either use the sponge to blend the product into the skin or use your fingers or a make-up sponge. And just a few dabs are enough to get your skin looking healthy and fresh!

Buy Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer Online at Best Price -  bigbasket

The liquid is thick, similar to a foundation without being oily needing too much effort in blending. Just choose the one that suits your skin tone the best;

Buy Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer Online at Best Price -  bigbasket

I chose 130 Medium and get cracking on looking your best! Ideal for livening up dull skin, covering blemishes, fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone among other things, this product is something that’ll become a part of the daily routine for those who like seeing a clean, clear complexion with a glow.

Removing it from the skin doesn’t take too long either, while I do end up using a micellar water, just a good lather with a face wash does a good job doing the same.

This product is available on various websites and in most of the stores carrying cosmetics and skin care products. Available in different shades, this 6ml bottle is priced differently depending on the shade and the website selling it.

It’s priced at Rs. 325 on Nykaa for the Butterscotch shade but the rest of the shades are available for Rs.434 -click here to buy. Boddess sells also sells it at Rs.434 but shows it as a marked down price from Rs. 620- click here to buy. Click here to buy it on Amazon. Myntra prices it at Rs.496– click here to buy.

Try it out and see if this concealer adds that little something special to your skin and brings a smile to your face.

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