Product Recommendation: Highlighting Dome by The Body Shop

Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome, Make Up | The Body Shop India

Whether one is an ace at make-up or just goes with a touch of gloss and eyeliner to brighten their day, the plethora of make-up we have access to these days is here to stay. And over time, applying the various types of make-up has become easier. One such item is today’s product- the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome by The Body Shop.

This smallish dome is packed with color and is easy to use and that scores high points with a makeup-wary person like me who can’t layer, contour or blend to save my life! And with this little helper, now I don’t have to be keep a distance from getting a bit of color on my face at all!

Available in 3 shades- 01, 02 and 03 they cater to different skin colors and can even be used on the same skin to get better and different highlights if one’s inclined to do so. The application of it is super simple- just twist off the cap and rub it over cheekbones and parts of face that you want to contour. Think of it as a nice round crayon that you’re going to use on your face when stepping out in the evening for a dinner or just an outing with gal pals.

Once the streaks are made, just blend with your fingers. It’s easy to do and the colors aren’t too bright or dark to require a lot of time in the blending. It’s recommended that this product be used mainly during the evenings due to the glittery or rather slight shine it brings to the face. Most people may not want a shimmer on their cheekbones while on office calls or running the usual household errands.

But this product lasts long mainly because it only needs a few swipes each time around. And while it is meant for highlighting cheek bones, I often just dab it on the T-zone and blend in for a slight shimmer on my face instead of using a compact and then brushing away the residue from the powder.

Priced at Rs. 1295 across the make-up websites, you can buy it directly from The Body Shop (click here to buy), from Boddess (click here to buy) or from Nykaa (click here to buy).

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