Guest Review: Water Saver Gadget

Some products that I review are very simple in their design and function but the impact they carry is quite large in comparison. In a country like India saving water is something all of us should actively be working towards primarily because so many of us go without clean water, drinking water or even access to water as and when we need it. So for those of us lucky enough to have water on demand to not only use but also to squander, the responsibility for saving it becomes essential.

Say hello to Subhashini, our guest review today. She describes herself as, ” I’m a software engineer, live with my family in Hyderabad. I’m interested in the eco-friendly, low-waste lifestyle. I was looking for water saving devices in the home because our taps were high-volume and lots of water would get wasted when brushing, doing dishes etc. This was an easy way to control the flow without nagging everyone in the house.

She recommends the Bulfyss Jal Jeevan Mission Kitchen Tap Water Saving Aerator Nozzle. Despite the rather large name it’s a small device that indeed does end up saving water.

Subhashini found that it actually works as advertised; especially on the following:

  • Installation was very simple and needed no tools.
  • No need to call a plumber. Just unscrew the end of the tap nozzle and take out the old one, put the new one in.
  • Output is actually 3 liters a minutes.

Once one gets into the habit to having less water to use without actually having a water shortage or crisis, it becomes a habit that can be sustained life-long.

This product is available with the following retailers:

  • Rs.249 on Ideakart– click here to buy.
  • Rs.229 on Amazon– click here to buy.
  • Rs.249 on– click here to buy.

Take the steps towards water conservation today!

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