Product Recommendation: Action Camera

Whether you are a photography buff who is big time into the look and feel, edits, the finished product or a click-o-holic or even both- an action camera will add a spark to your experiences whether it’s just to taking pictures of things in or motion, diving underwater, capturing the beauty of the wilderness or the road you’re traveling on.

My experiences with the action camera have been restricted to the GoPro and it’s been a hoot! I ordered by GoPro Hero 5 Session camera three years ago and since then we’ve and our friends have had lots of fun with it- at home and while on vacation.

What’s good about it you ask? Where do I begin:

  1. Fits in the palm of your hand.
  2. Survived an 8 year old’s handling.
  3. Doesn’t take that long to charge
  4. Voice activation mode is fantastic
  5. Battery lasts for a good bit-unless you’re taking videos.
  6. Resolution is great- for both stills and videos.
  7. Audio quality is really good.
  8. Easy to lug around while traveling.
  9. Easy to clean
  10. Accessories don’t cost the earth. Click here to buy the brand I chose when GoPro’s accessories weren’t available.
  11. Very user-friendly.
  12. The app helps in clicking pictures, editing them and viewing what stays and goes.
  13. The wide angle mode has been fantastic when shooting vistas, architecture and nature overall.

Now onto the not so great stuff about it-

  • Not prohibitive but if you aren’t going to use it too frequently, you might as well go with a mobile phone which is water resistant upto a degree.
  • Battery heats up while charging.
  • Not heat resistant- get too close to a fire or a heat source and the casing heats up good.
  • Works well with an extreme micro SD card. The regular kind won’t give good results therefore overall costs up. You will also need a micro SD adaptor to access the card.
  • Sand does create a bit of a problem when used on the beach or dropped in a sandy area.
  • There’s no view finder so you’ll have to wait till you transfer the images to see it unless you have the app handy in which case too, the images will take time to load before you see what you like and what you need to reshoot.
  • Once the camera model is outdated, any repairs can be tough to get done. Best would be to just upgrade to another model.

This camera has brought a lot of joy and giggles especially to my family. I either deal with a camera-shy grown up or a child who fluctuates between making the worst faces possible or acting like a celebrity running from the paparazzi!

With our holidays usually comprising of water in some form, the Hero Session 5 has taken the enjoyment to another level altogether!

It may not be possible to pick up the Hero Session 5 but GoPro cameras and accessories are stocked on both Amazon (click here to buy) and Flipkart (click here to buy). Pick one up for your family today and capture the liveliness in your life!

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