Product Review: Hair Serum

A lot of us aren’t experts in managing our own hair. I usually just run a comb through it, brush out the tangles and pull it into a ponytail and then it’s forgotten till the next brushing. But everyone likes a head of hair that’s thick, healthy and shiny. On the rare days that I leave my hair open, I do deal with frizz of varying degrees. Especially on days following a shampoo. On those days I quickly use a very light serum to get a bit of gloss, ease of managing tangles and an overall better (if not nicer) looking head of hair.

Here’s my little handy helper- The Liss Unlimited Shine Perfecting Blow-Dry Oil, a non-oily, light and easy to use offering from L’Oreal.

Why do I choose this over the regular oil that I use once in a while to keep my hair healthy? Well, oils tend to be well..oily and heavier, giving the hair a matted down, too shiny and often unhealthy look- while it may actually be conditioning and softening the hair or toughening the roots.

This serum works quite well because it’s a leave-in that doesn’t need too much shampooing to get rid off. It leaves no marks on pillows even if used with a slightly heavy hand and with its mild smell, it actually does boost the look and feel of your hair without going to too much trouble.

A quick squirt and you can be on your way to work, run errands or just be lounging around but with more manageable hair. In terms of quick fixes, it’s one of the best ones out there!

And while I don’t blow dry my hair every time I use this oil, the days I combine the hair dryer along with it, the results are great and the change is visible!

This product retails at Rs.639 for 125 ml (marked down from the MRP of 650) on Amazon– click here to buy. Click here to buy it on Nykaa for Rs.650. On Flipkart it’s available for Rs.520 for the same quantity- click here to buy. The L’Oreal website for India doesn’t have provisions for products to be bought online. Instead it’ll help you find the salons in your zip code which stock the the items.

While the cost isn’t prohibitive, it’s not entirely cheap either. But keeping in mind how only a small amount is needed for semi-thick, shoulder length hair; a 125ml bottle should last upwards of 3-4 months if used according to the needs of our hair. Ideally the hair serum is meant as a quick fix and to be used on the days when the hair is especially frizzy. However, if you battle the frizz daily, then you may need to use this product more frequently.

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