Guest Review: Music App

Children give their opinion in a very blunt manner. There’s no sugar coating of things- if they like something, it’s usually praised to the heavens and if something isn’t up to the mark; it’s condemned to hell. The middle road is rarely taken by them. Which is why when a 10 year old young miss gave a comprehensive, concise review of an app she uses to learn music, I had to feature it here.

Say hello to Ananyaa. She’s all of 10, a voracious reader, loves music, art and with a strong sense of focus on everything she does, this young lady accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to! During these times of restricted movement outdoors, Ananyaa’s chosen to focus on learning how to play the piano/keyboard. And she’s given the Simply Piano app 2 thumbs up!

Let’s find out from her what makes this app so great-” Simply piano is a very good app. It teaches you how to play piano. It teaches chords and melodies. It also teaches how to read chords on Google. I liked it because it teaches me many techniques. It can teach complete beginners to play the piano. I used to go to piano class but I liked this more because there were many songs to learn ,even my favourite songs.

This app listens to you as you play. It incentivides (sic) by giving three gold stars. It only waits for you to correct yourself in training. It does not strike you out if you play the note wrong 3 times, it corrects you . It does not ring an alarm to remind you , it happens only if mobile is not on silent mode. The free part has 2 options either you play only 1st lesson or you sign a few contracts and play free for a week .

Simply Piano is available for download both on the iTunes (click here to access) and Google Play Store (click here to download). It has a subscription-based premium access which unlocks the entire learning content for the student.

So if you’re looking to tickle the ivories, then this app is a great way to learn, enhance or just enjoy the beautiful sounds of the keyboard.

Let the music play!

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