Guest Review: Spices&Condiments

If variety is the spice of life then what are actual spices? Well, according to today’s guest reviewer, the particular brand of spices that she’s endorsing, is simply the goods!

And while a lot of people don’t always think a review of spices is that big a deal compared to say, a household appliance, a gadget or even an app; the right kind of spice can not only save a meal but can make it memorable.

Say hello to Manogyata! An artist, a mom, a party planner and creative thinker par excellence! She has held many different roles over the years which have needed creativity but the toughest one so far for her has been that of a cook.

Many of us grow up not knowing how to do much around the kitchen barring cooking ramen and making our morning cuppas. But when you have a family to look after, the kitchen becomes an important part of your day to day life. Manogyata recommends Shan masalas, brand which has made its mark across the world.

Here’s how Shan’s made an impact in her life, in her own words, ” Well, when I started to run my household after marriage in 2004, I honestly confess that I wasn’t at all a cook! Except for rotees, perfectly round, light, airy and thin as paper, and chai! It wasn’t because I was too much of snob to enter the kitchen or anything, it was only because of two reasons – firstly my mother was such an amazing cook that she could not fathom the mess that I would create if I ever entered and secondly I was too busy with my college, friends and social life. As such, I never saw her buy any pre packaged masalas or mixes to prepare the food. 

Fast forward to circa 2018 in vides and I practically survive on pre-packaged masalas… there is absolutely zero help here, the chores are never ending and since old habits die hard, I must maintain nutrition and health for family. And my savior is Shan Foods, their range of masalas and prepackaged mixes fit right in to my kitchen and  fast and fuss-free cooking styles. 

Since we are primarily non vegetarians, some ingredients in these complex mixes are just right for our palate and there is lil to no effort required in ensuring the taste is full bodied. For example, Papian, which is an important ingredient in Kormas and Bhuna styles of mutton, is essentially raw papaya, dried in shade, coarsely ground several times and sieved into a fine white powder.

It is a perfect marinade for lamb based preparations and it expires very easily hibernating in the back of the kitchen cupboard!

In come the meat, korma and bhuna gosht masalas from Shan – the mixes not only have papian but other important spices all blended in to one potent mix that ensure burst of flavors in the dishes. 
Well, apart from taste preferences Shan plays an important role in terms of cultural aspect also.

In my household, homemade spices were given preference over packaged ones only leading to the belief that when they make it on their own, it gives the right flavor. I feel it is also about the economic freedom and less time spared in the kitchen.

According to Maslow’s heirarchy, food and its fulfilment tops everything – in this case if it takes a packaged spice-box to actualize – so be it! It satisfies our taste needs, it is readily available in the diaspora and even if I consume it daily – it would never burn a hole in my pocket. At the end of the day, I am a fan of Shan Foods!”

This range of products are available on the following sites:

  • Amazon- click here to buy
  • Flipkart- click here to buy
  • Bigbasket- click here to buy

Are you old school in terms of grinding up all your masalas fresh before every meal or do you fall back on the easy-to-use and fast-to-cook pre-packaged spices available in the market? Even if you are one of the former, check out Shan masalas for their range of mixes. Who knows, you may never use hand-pounded spices again!

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