Guest Review: Modelling Clay

Today’s post is very close to my heart since it’s an R&R from a very young lady. Say hello to Antara– she’s 9 years old, very creative with clay, loves to read, birdwatch, sing, dance and bake! Sometimes all in course of the same day! Let’s see what she (and her mom) like about some brands of modelling clay that Antara’s always got at her finger tips- literally!

This is what Antara’s mom has to say about their clay experiences-“Give a child a bunch of vivid colours, and see the magic. Antara is rather gifted with clay modelling. Over the years we’ve given her a lot of home made dough, play doh, modelling clay, polymer clay, beeswax and tried out several brands to satiate her modelling urges.

She loves making miniature food and characters with the clay and we’ve seen assorted fairies, princesses, pets, pet food, human food and of late birds and objects of nature such as flowers and trees. She’s original in most of her work, and sometimes she takes inspiration from baking shows, modelling with clay what she sees them do with fondant.

We like the Faber Castell modelling clay for its variety of 12 colours, getting them all together is a treat. Wish they came in larger packs of 12 colours too, since typically there will be a need to have larger quantities of some colours. The clay doesn’t dry out and can be resued for some time, if the colours havent been too mixed up.

For larger quantities, we have used the Creations Fun Clay, available as slabs in individual colours, an sometimes also in multicolor packs such as this And for the hours of creativity and fun, these products are so cheap that price is usually not even a consideration!.”

Whether it’s to encourage your child’s creativity, or to keep them busy during times when their usual outdoor activities are getting curtailed, modelling clay is a good product to invest in. Read this article to know the benefits of modelling clay in multiple aspects of our children’s learning.

These product are readily available not only on the supermarket shelves but on Amazon– click here to buy Creations and click here to buy Faber Castell.

So how will your child showcase their creativity while having fun today?

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