Guest Review: Eco-friendly Toothbrushes

Many of us are trying to streamline our lives and make them greener. We would like to reduce our carbon footprint to the maximum extent possible and eventually get to a state where’s it’s nil. And while that take a while to come about, it’s the smaller day-to-day actions which end up resulting in a big change if carried out by more of us.

Our guest reviewer today is a special one since we started off with our guest reviews with her (read her first review here). Say hello again to Kasturi– lover of dogs, designer of homes and fierce advocate of keeping things clean and green!

She not only keeps an eye out to to see how clean her surroundings are; she is pretty conscious about what she puts back there as well. Her recommendation today is an eco-friendly and (largely) biodegradable, recyclable toothbrush from the brand BigBlueMarble– click here to visit their site.

Bigbluemarble Toothbrush - Bamboo Toothbrush in 4 Vibrant Colors-  Eco-Friendly Charcoal Bristle Brush (Pack of 4): Health &  Personal Care

According to their site, this is why these brushes are great for you AND the environment:

  • Biodegradable bamboo handle
  • Crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Naturally antibacterial and water-resistant
  • Non-toxic Soft bristles
  • Eco-friendly packaging, 100% compostable
Kasturi likes them because:
  1. The price is affordable.
  2. She’s able to use it for months at a stretch.
  3. The wood quality is good and doesn’t warp or start to peel despite being in contact with water a lot.

These brushes retail from just under Rs.400 to Rs.500 for a pack of 4 or 5 brushes with an individual brush costing Rs.99. Pick them up on BigBlueMarble (click here to buy), Amazon (click here to buy), Flipkart (click here to buy), BharatGoods (click here to buy) and LBB (click here to buy).

Even if you aren’t too active in terms of saving the environment, a small step like switching to an ecofriendly toothbrush can go a long way in making a difference. Start today and make the change.

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