Product Recommendation: Organic Face-Body Scrub

A while back one of our most popular post had been published. It was about an organic, vegan brand called Wild Ideas. Click here to read the post. Since the recommendation was from an old friend, I decided to try out some products myself and today I’ll be reviewing their Neem Body Wash.

Before that, for the uninitiated, here’s why Neem is such a big deal and why we can all benefit from it. It’s truly a wonder that so much can be derived from one plant- being a shade provider is only one of them!

Read more about the ways in which Neem can clear and restore your skin and hair here.

When I decided to try the Neem powder as a body scrub I mainly had it in mind as a natural product that wouldn’t cause any adverse reaction to my skin even if it didn’t go a long way in cleaning it up or making the blemishes disappear. But what happened is even better- it’s not only cleaning up my face of the sebum, it is keeping it from becoming oily for longer intervals without drying it out entirely.

What I will recommend though is, for people with combination skin which ranges from oily to dry, keep a mild, non-oily moisturiser handy to lightly dab on the face and skin in a few minutes after the cleansing is done. You can also try out aloe vera to keep things all natural and enjoy a sensation of cooling in the process. Read about our aloe vera product review here.

The Wild Ideas Neem Body Wash is available with the following retailers, ranging from Rs.144- Rs.160 per a 75 gms bottle:

  • Lagom– click here to buy.
  • Amazon- click here to buy.
  • Peach Mode– click here to buy.
  • Flipkart– click here to buy.
  • DirectCreate– click here to buy.

So choose Neem and embrace a healthier way of living and be good to your skin.

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