Addendum: Guest Review- Robo Vacuum Cleaner

A month ago we had published a guest review of a robo vacuum cleaner. If you haven’t read the review yet you can do it here. Our reviewer got back to us recently and gave some more inputs about the product- 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Over a point of time the product’s flaws have shown up. Its brushes do not function well when they come in contact with threads and hair. The items get tangled badly in the rotating brushes and have to be cut away for the optimum functioning of the machine again.

Also there’s no way to know that the brushes are functioning at a lesser level of efficiency unless you happen to see the cleaning process where small bits of dirt, papers and slightly bigger pieces of trash don’t get swept away adequately. The mopping too, needs to be stopped after every 20-30 minutes or so to refill the water container, depending on the size of the room.

The app functions quite well with pop-up messages coming in whenever there’s an issue with the gadget. The app also allows for the rooms to be personalised/renamed so when just the room options are chosen one doesn’t have to always look at the schematic and figure out which room is which in relation to the position of the robovac.

The battery charges quite quickly and after a few times of the whole house being cleaned, the efficiency of the robot kicks in and lesser amount of the battery is expended in one go.

Due to the raised top of the gadget, any low chairs, sofas pose as obstacles and the underside of them don’t get cleaned properly.

So while the Roomba properly will score higher on all these parameters, the 360 S7 still cleans well but don’t throw away the long-handled mop for any spills and clean-ups that might be needed!

Roborock T6 using experience: the most outstanding smart robot vacuum  cleaner I have reviewed | GearBest Blog

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