Product Recommendation: Bluetooth Speaker

How would it be if you could hear your favourite music, shows and podcasts without having to park yourself next to a television set, a tablet or any large contraption and still get crystal clear sound quality?

And how great would it be if you could carry around a speaker that belies its size and produces superb volume? If you could use it while doing the dishes, laundry, ironing, vacuuming or even while in the shower? And how it be if it didn’t cost an arm and leg and could fit in the palm of your hand? Well, with the JBL Clip 2&3, all that is possible and more!

Apart from great sound quality, this product doesn’t make you flinch at the prices and neither does it require any special handling. While it is not recommended that electronic goods be dropped, the JBL Clip can take a hit and still blare out your favourite melodies!

It retails at Rs.2999 on the JBL Indian website for the Clip 3 and Rs.3599 for the special edition of the Clip 2 (buy it here). The Clip 3 is available on Amazon India for Rs.2799 (buy it here) but the Clip 2 remains out of stock for a while. Fashion and make-up e-portal Nykaa prices it at Rs.2840 (buy it here).

So amp up your listening pleasure and pick up this palm-sized boombox today and remember…it can go wherever you go!

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