Product Recommendation: Whirlpool Washing Machine

While there are myriad of brands out in the market in the washing machine segment; for me it’ll always be Whirlpool. Since the time I started managing my own household, I’ve been using a Whirlpool Whitemagic washing machine. Barring an upgrade to a bigger drum size I’ve stuck with the same brand for more than 14 years and have had no reason to look anywhere else.

These are the reasons why I prefer their brand to the others I’ve used over the years.

  • Extremely easy to use- just plug and play.
  • No complicated buttons and functions. Everything does what it is supposed to.
  • Top loading machines are easier to manage than front-loading ones. Can be stopped midwash to chuck in more clothes or detergent/bleach/softener/disinfectant.
  • A 6.5- 7 kg machine is more than adequate for mid-sized families.
  • Has multiple operating modes and even the quick wash gets clothes very clean.
  • Doesn’t require frequent decalcification even in places with hard water or without water softener.
  • Their after sales services are very efficient and rarely has anything major needed to replaced.
  • Their own detergent is also quite good and at par with the cleaning efficiency of the major brands available in the market.

*Note: I just wish all their machines had a lint trap because the moment towels or certain types of fabrics are washed, they leave a residue that needs to be cleaned up regularly else it clogs up the filters and reduces the machine’s efficacy and functioning.

Their drums are deceptively large. It can easily accommodate a host of small items along with 2 single bedsheets or a double or king-size bedsheets along with other bits and bobs.

Over the years I’ve washed anything that would fit, inside the machine. That includes extremely dirty sneakers, plush toys, curtains (in the Delicate mode) and the machine is no stranger to the dirty school clothes I throw in there with unfailing regularity.

Click on this link to check out the prices and features of their 7.5 kg capacity, fully automatic washing machines. Your best bet is to buy off the company’s website however both Amazon and Flipkart both stock these models with lesser choices in terms of colors, capacity and models but with better pricing options.

How do you plan to keep your clothes clean? I’d recommend a Whirlpool cleansing to keep them fresh always!

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