Brand Recommendation: Fabindia (Furniture)

Anyone who has walked or driven past a Fabindia storefront has taken a second look at their mannequins clad in bright cottons and silks. The apparel is never gaudy and pretty much everything gives off an “understated- elegant” kind of vibe. And that goes double for their furniture range IMHO.

After searching high and low for a good bed that would leave have room for two people to comfortably stretch out and sleep, my husband and I were finally on the same page when we went to Fabindia and saw the range of their beds in Sheesham wood.

And while that was nearly 14 years ago, the bed in question is still standing and been dismantled and put back together more times than I would like to remember and had a bouncing baby or two on it over the years.

Here are the things which have always impressed us with the bed over the years:

  • Its quality speaks for itself- finishing was fantastic. No sharp edges anywhere.
  • Despite being made of pure wood, the bed isn’t too heavy.
  • The color of the wood has held true over the years.
  • The parts are engraved with numbers making dismantling and reassembling quite easy.
  • There aren’t too many pieces either and once taken apart it can be stored in a compact manner and won’t take up too much room.
  • No extra care is needed to maintain it in a good condition. Regular dusting and occasional spray and buff with the wood polish and a soft cloth keeps the veneer looking good.
  • The bed is sturdy and has successfully survived moving of multiple homes and children using it as a trampoline, step ladder and a dump yard.
  • Their styles are not ostentatious and simple and classic.

And while Fabindia’s furniture often retails at higher prices than the wooden beds available on sites like Pepperfry etc, it scores high on the ROI and VFM aspects. We paid Rs.26,000 for our bed almost 14 years ago and have never had reason to change it and make an upgrade.

Check out their website for all furnitures and click here for their choices of beds.

If you’re looking to dress up your bedroom with something that’s long-lasting and built for comfort your next stop should be Fabindia.

Also, their choices of bedspreads, duvets and bedcovers (click here to buy) are a perfect accompaniment with this bed that’s going to quickly become your favourite place to relax!

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