Product Review: Page Magnifier

All of us feel the advent of age; some more than others. We also know a lot of people who love reading and are old school enough to not switch to e-Readers since it means becoming more hands-on with tech along with not being able to feel the texture of a page between their fingers. But you can’t stop a reading enthusiast from reading for too long. How can one bridge this gap between fine print vs tired, strained eyes?

Ever heard of a page magnifier? It’s a simple device that can either be hand-held or have legs that prop it up. And while it is aimed at people who have weakened eyesight; it can effectively be used by anyone who needs to have things magnified while reading. For those who would like the added benefit of having some illumination so they can read during low light conditions, there’s a version which enables that as well.

Don’t want to be holding the page magnifier while you read? Go for the one with the stand and keep your hands free to grab that cup of tea or coffee while you enjoy the written word.

Retailing at Rs.299 to beyond Rs.2000, these products are lightweight, durable, and easy to keep stationed at your desk or your bedside table due to the sleek designs. Many of them use acrylic sheets rather than actual glass so the clarity differs as does the weight and dimension. Click here for more listing of of the page magnifier.

Do you have any avid readers in your network? Maybe someone who is having a bit of trouble with their eyes and would like the words on the page to pop up for them? Gift them a page magnifier…it could add a good bit of happiness while they enjoy their favourite activity.

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