Product Recommendation: Baby Rocker

Anyone who has ever interacted with a baby, has wished for a place to park the child after a little while. It’s fun to watch kids interact with their immediate environment while they stay safe and secure. And if they have lot of fun in the process, it brings out gummy grins and goofy giggles and it’s charming to see.

Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Portable Rocker - Bouncer & rocker ...

We will be reviewing the Fisher Price Rocker today. It’s a boon for parents whether they have a child an infant or a toddler.

With an adjustable back which provides required back support according to the baby’s age, this baby accessory is lightweight, easy to clean and is a lot of fun for the child with the colourful danglers that are included.

Buy Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker Geo Diamonds, Multi ...

As the child grows older, the extendable legs can easily turn into a rocker chair and helps the child gain more upper body movement while they rock themselves back and forth. The colourful, soft, padded covers are attractive to the child and keeps them engaged.

When travelling, the rocker can be easily folded and a few bumps and drops don’t go much harm to it either. And in case of any spills, spit-ups and diaper leaks, the top cover is very easy to take off and easy to hand wash as well as clean up in the washing machine. It doesn’t lose any shape, shrink or fade.

This product retails from Rs.5219 to Rs.5939 on Amazon India, from Rs.4949 to Rs.5939 on and ranges from Rs.4500- 6599 on Flipkart. Apart from being available in all the baby accessory stores.

To recap- durability, lightweight, lasts from infancy to the toddler stage and is pretty easy to clean, maintain and the kids love it! If you have a child and are wondering what might be a good way to engage them…this rocker may be the answer you are looking for!

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