Product Reviews: Foot care

The first few footcare reviews that were posted here got some good feedback and I was asked to post more things which were related to feet. You can read our posts about the foot care regime here and the slip-on foot scrubber here.

The previous item featured were the things one could use to clean their feet, get the dead skin off and prepare it for the next step- walking about without pain and discomfort. These are two products I have found aid in that tremendously; whether you are elderly or just someone whose feet need the extra support to prevent conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. Since my mother fits all three of those criteria: being elderly, needing extra support when she walks and having Plantar Fasciitis, both these products have two enthusiastic thumbs up from her.

We will be reviewing a Foot Pain Heel Cushion and Soft Ortho Slippers today. Both were sourced from Amazon India and are very affordable with the Heel Cushion retailing at Rs.249 (click here to buy) and the Ortho Slippers retailing at Rs.299 (click here to buy) respectively.

The Alexvyan Heel Cushions are made of silicon and are easy to fix onto any slippers or shoes which cover the whole feet. They come in different sizes but due to the material being soft and bendy, they can fit well most shoe sizes.

For best results it might be helpful to stick them onto the heel area of the footwear with a bit of glue for better grip while walking but that’s not essential.

They are easy to remove, clean and can be reused for a long time. In case one would like to replace them, the cost is not prohibitive at all. They also come in different colors to match better with the kind of footwear that’s being chosen.

They do a good job of cushioning the feet, leading to less cramping and pain and help with the proper placement of the feet for those who were experiencing foot pains along the heel and arches.

Doctor Soft Ortho Slippers are perfect for those who have flat feet, pain in the arches or just prefer more support on their feet. The material not only provide support to feet but are quite good at absorbing water leading to less slipping when the feet are wet as compared to regular household flip-flops which tend to be flat and harder and with less of a grip on the surface.

This product comes in different colors, is long lasting and leads to noticeably less pain and strain on the feet with regular use.

So if have achy feet but don’t want to wear clunky orthopaedic footwear, try out these two products to keep your feet safe and also looking good!

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