Guest Review: Robo Room Cleaner

What’s become obvious is lockdown or not, infection rates surging or falling; we are looking to outsource more of our daily work with the help of technology rather than manpower. The benefits of it are simple:1) we control the time factors entirely 2) less dependence on any outside factors barring the electricity supply 3) keeping ourselves and the family safer by interacting with lesser people. We will be reviewing another robo-vaccumn cleaner today. Read our earlier guest review of the Roomba here.

Our guest reviewer today is a gadget enthusiast. She keeps busy doing multiple things and is a mom to a largely self-reliant child but one she gets to spend more time with because she’s freed up from the daily chores courtesy her handy helpers.

Say hello to Chinmayi. She describes herself as “A novice writer. Part time photographer, goofy, very moody n love my me time. Specially mentioned cause I m missing it since lockdown so bad. Mother of a 11 year old, who keeps me on toes n inspires me to be the best version of me at all times. I also love gardening a lot and spend quite a lot of time with my plants as I feel that’s the best stress buster for me. Whenever I feel low , I sit in by balcony garden for sometime n just admire the beauty of the nature. Trust me that’s the most relaxing thing that I ever do. Lockdown also made a lot of things difficult since we didn’t have house helps like earlier. So, I had to get the few products to get all the necessary work done. With out which it’s impossible to survive, since I also have to deal with my backache as it’s an operated one due to an accident in the past.

Chinmayi recommends iLife A4s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control. Here’s what she loves about Ruby the brand new household helper.

Very impressed with “ RUBY” , As she does a great job we decided to give her a name as a reward. We charged her yesterday evening n it took around 2-3 hrs. At 10.00pm we started and she roamed in the house like a lost baby , sometimes going to the same place repeatedly like the kitchen as if she’s asking for food n getting stuck under the chair like a new crawler.
[But surprisingly today she was as smooth as a pro. She started n finished all her work n came back, docked herself for charging. M quite impressed that she took only once to map the whole house. We were in the impression that it’ll take few turns for her to map the house

  • Very impressed.
  • Cleaning- awesome
  • Noise – almost nil. Just letting her presence felt..
  • Efficiency- great
  • Mapping- great
  • Ease of installation- super easy
  • Cleaning- very easy, just take the trash box out with a push button. Empty it n place it back.

After Ruby finishes up with her work, another little helper kicks in- the iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot – Robotic Mop.

Both the iLife and iRobot products can be sourced in India now but due to high demands, the waiting period can be in excess of 2-3 weeks.

Check out the prices for iLife on Flipkart, Amazon India or the iLife website. iRobot is available on the following sites- Amazon India, iRobot website and Ubuy.

Chinmayi’s very happy with her choice of handy helpers. What about you? Get clicking and find out how you can streamline your life today!

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