Guest Review: Room Cooler

Indian summers are infamous the world over. They are largely, searingly hot or horribly humid. All a person can hope for is a cool breeze and a way to get some relief from the heat. And while air conditioners provide the coolest air, they are costly and have quite a few step required before one can start to enjoy them viz installation by a trained technician or an electrician, having a water outlet and of course the spikes in the electricity bill thereon.

Our guest reviewer today is all set to become a recurring contributor with his selection of gadgets and products which add value to our day to day life. His review ticks off multiple points on our chart with the WFH, Value For Money (VFM), ease of access factors all scoring quite high.

Bajaj TC2010 17-Litre Tower Room Cooler (White): Home ...

Their recommendation today is the Bajaj TC2010 17-Litre Tower Room Cooler.

Mr. Guha first reviewed a very useful pair of gardening gloves for us. Read the review here in case you missed it. Having been a lifelong banker, he appreciates the VFM component and ROI factor in his buying choices.

Living in an extremely humid city like Kolkata, Mr.Guha recommends the Bajaj Room Cooler for the following factors:

  • Easy installation (just fill it up and plug it in to a regular wall socket. No earthing ( No 15 AMP socket required).
  • Amount of water required is very less. Full capacity is 17 laters but it generates a good, cool breeze at even a third of that much water.
  • The energy consumption is minimal.
  • Cools the room pretty quickly. Note: this is specific to a small room or a segment of a big room.
  • Is a minimalistic design, can be wheeled about very efficiently and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Has a swing mechanism to reach more areas.
  • Even in extreme humidity it works well to bring relief.
  • Isn’t too loud despite the noise levels mentioned in the specifications.

For more information take a quick look at the specs given below-

This particular model is out of stock on the Bajaj Electricals website and Amazon at this time but is available on Flipkart and retails at Rs.6960 and has an EMI options as well.

So what are you waiting for? Save money, stay cool and try out the Bajaj Room Cooler today!

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