Product Review: Electric Tandoor

I came across this product at a friend’s house and the range of items that could be made with it seemed vast and it was easy to move around as well.

The Berg electric tandoor (B-3) was one of my impulse buys and it isn’t something I have had a chance to think about too favourably for a few reasons. With prices ranging from Rs.2890 to Rs.3600 on the major e-commerce sites, this tandoor is an optional buy at best for those who like their food toasty more often than not.

These were the issues I faced that me rethink it’s utility:

  • The power output is quite huge. The product description said 2000 watts but each time I used it, I had to shut down anything else that was remotely high on power consumption. The first time I used it, the apartment plunged into darkness because an AC was on and so was my microwave. That’s never happened when using an OTG.
  • The height of the tandoor isn’t enough to accommodate things which aren’t laid out flat. So if you like the sight of a grilled chicken, be prepared to have the pieces cut and laid out.
  • Same goes for baking. Either bake cookies or bread and cakes made in pans with less height.
  • It takes pretty long time to cool down.

All these features have been compared against an OTG and the OTG’s features and usability has been found to be superior in every aspect.

All in all, I would rather have an OTG. It may make the kitchen look a bit crowded especially you also have a microwave, but the overall ROI is much better.

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